jueves, 6 de junio de 2013

Rant-post: Motherfuckers

Disclaimer:  this rant-post is extremely not recommended for anyone with any kind of affiliation to church, being it of any kind, model, color or faith. So if you count yourself into any of the aforementioned groups, better don't read any further or either eat this.

Motherfuckers. Sons of bitches. Reckless bastards. The more I travel through Africa the more I hate you. You fooled me good, right? Not just me, you fooled us all, all those naive idiots who used to go every Sunday morning to the church. Every Sunday that basket, with the sermon asking for "Help the impoverished kids in Africa". Poor kids those in Africa. Yeah, right.

Well that was long time ago, so long as I don't step on your brainwashing centres. But it wasn't until now that I had the chance to travel through this, your sandbox, where you did send so many donations. What exactly did your lies do for those poor kids in Africa?

Each and every country that I lay my feet on, specially the poorest ones, are PACKED with religious schools. In Malawi it was a constant, every single village had at least 2 or 3 of those. Of course here everyone wants his piece of heaven, so we have Baptists, Evangelists, Catholics, Protestants... even Adventist of the seventh day (wtf?)...

Anybody could read up till here and get mad and ask me, "So what exactly is wrong in all of this?". Nothing, there is nothing wrong. But there's nothing right either. Years worth of donations from all around the world to "help" those poor black kids have just created a full generation of illiterate uneducated kids (and not-so-long-kids), who can't add or subtract when they give you a price, not to mention about converting currencies and multiplications. But nevertheless, EVERY FUCKING EACH car in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania are packed with stickers carrying messages like "Only God can Judg me" (no, it's not my typo), or "Onle one God", or praises to the creator like that. But as you read, half of them are mispelled.

Every time I see one of these schools I get pissed. Kids still have absolutely nothing to do or hope for, still can't do a damn fucking thing on their own and still can't read or write. But they certainly do know who they should pray for a favourable harvest season.

And while this thought crosses my mind, there is always the same song in my helmet. From Reincidentes. The lyric goes something like...

"You protected our ruin, you protected oppression, you protected your money, you protected the biggest bastard. I just hope for seeing you in front of the firing line one day, never pay for my existence, never ask for forgiveness".

Go to hell.

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