miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013


I did not update the blog lately. Some time ago I stopped writing every day and some people have been asking whether something's wrong or I just did not want to write anymore.

My "excuses" -which are not so much of excuses- are, ordered from smaller to bigger: lack of time, lack of sleep, excess of Amarula, and finally gigantic piss with Android's app for Blogger, which on top of being hard to use it also deleted my post about Lesotho with no option for recovery. After *many* hours writing it. It managed to make me miss Wordpress in the end...

So now we are in Tanzania after crossing Malawi -although that will be another story, coming up soon, I promise) and the Internet access is ridiculously cheap (3Gb pack from Airtel, 22.5 CNY, there you go- and I will try to update this more regularly.

Thanks for following and reading me, it's always a good feeling against the lonesome of the road.

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